The global market for natural and organic cosmetics has never been more promising than today. Europe, being the main cosmetic market worldwide, is a prime target market for companies wishing to explore organic beauty.

A critical success factor for natural cosmetics is product positioning, especially as these products come into direct competition with conventional brands in supermarkets, department stores and pharmacies. Market winners will be those companies that can successfully differentiate their products from competing ones. The need for complete product differentiation for organic cosmetic lines requires a bio package that offers the same environmental credentials as the product that it contains.

Environmental concerns such as plastic waste disposal (Directive 94/62/EC) and depletion of non-renewable resources together with the current trend towards greener formulations and sustainable credentials are a challenging opportunity for the development of alternatives to petroleum-based materials. Moreover, the limitations that bioplastics present in their performance provide a well-defined need for a technological solution.





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